Investment Management

Success in investing is built with information, experience and time. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and other professionals, all provide services that given enough information, experience and time, you could probably become proficient enough in to provide for yourself. The reason our clients work with us, is the same reason clients work with those other professionals. It isn't because they couldn't eventually manage their own investments, it's because they need help managing their own investments. They seek us out, as a partner representing them, helping them accomplish their financial goals, so they can focus on what they feel is really important.

The goals and objectives for our clients are documented in our client files. Clients may impose restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities. The primary approach used in client accounts is determined by the allocation between equity (stocks) and income (bonds and other income securities). We determine this allocation based on our conversations with the client, and expect it to change over time. The primary factors in this allocation are the size of the client's assets compared to the expected cash flows needed from those assets, now and in the future. Portfolios are globally diversified to control the risk associated with traditional markets. We also frequently use a questionnaire to gain insight into the client's risk tolerance. An Investment Advisory Agreement is provided to the client in writing.


The investment strategy for a specific client is based upon the objectives stated by the client during consultations. The client may change these objectives at any time.


Other investments may include long-term purchases, short-term purchases, open and closed end mutual funds, ETF's, trading, margin transactions (rarely and usually only for cash flow issues), and occasionally option writing (including covered options, uncovered options or spreading strategies).


Agreements may not be assigned without client consent. The fee will be 1/4 (one quarter) of 1% of the balance of the account at the end of the previous quarter, for the first 1 million dollars of all the accounts listed; 3/16 (three sixteenths) of 1% of the amount from $1,000,001 to five million dollars, and 1/8 (one eighth) of 1% of the amount over five million dollars. All assets are held at TD Ameritrade, and client statements come directly from them.