Tax Preparation

April 15th. The notorious date of America's "Tax Day". Nobody enjoys preparing for or paying taxes. Apart from the general inconvenience, the tax return process can be confusing and frustrating, along with the possibility of being extremely costly in making mistakes. There are often complex issues, especially for clients with active investments. That is why we provide in-house tax preparation services. We prepare federal and state tax returns for some of our clients, and we have some clients where tax preparation is the only work we do for them.

Doing a client's taxes helps us to maintain ongoing integration with their investments, and their financial plans. The minimum fee for a W-2 only, or a child's tax return is usually $50; however, most returns are more complicated and will usually be billed at a fee of $150 or higher. Fees are based on an hourly estimate and are quoted in advance. Eligible federal and applicable state returns are filed electronically without an additional fee. We pass on software charges from our software provider Intuit for trust and estate returns (Form 1041), and some corporation returns (Form 1120S). We do not do Refund Anticipation Loans, and there are no written agreements for tax preparation, the "agreement" is oral.